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My group works in the field of soft condensed matter and statistical physics and we are particularly interested in electrolyte systems and biological modeling. We have a strong background in studying structure and ordering transitions in complex many-body systems and in the development and application of classical density functional theory (DFT).

In particular, we study

      Our research is supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG) by a project on Capacitive density functional theory for structure and screening in ionic fluids and electric double layers with applications in sustainability.

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Figure 1. Sketch of an electric double layer (EDL). A positively charged flat electrode is in contact with an electrolyte solution, where the mobile ionic charges arrange themselves to screen the charges on the electrode. One can distinguish between a close layer of counter ions (Helmholtz layer) and a diffuse layer.

Figure 2. Sketch of multi-scale supercapacitor model. Typical length scales are (from the left to the right) 0.3 nm particle size, 1-10 nm pore width, 1 mm electrode size.

Figure 3. Snapshot of a system of active Brownian disks. The magnification window shows structures that originate form the disk's activity.

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