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Open PhD positions available

In my project capDFT I have two open PhD positions in the Statistical Physics of Soft Matter and Complex Systems group at the Institute of Physics at the University of Freiburg (Freiburg i. Br., Germany).

The project capDFT aims to improve our knowledge of the structure and properties of electrolytes and electric double layers (EDLs) in order to answer fundamental questions in the field. In this project, successful candidates will provide the theoretical basics to develop and improve related capacitive technologies for a sustainable future treatment of water and the production and storage of energy. In particular, successful candidates will work on a new microscopic theory for ionic fluids in external fields in the framework of classical density functional theory. They will apply this theory to the present questions on in-plane structure and dielectric screening in EDLs, concentrated electrolytes, and ionic fluids.

Successful candidates hold a Master degree in physics or equivalent. They will closely collaborate with the members of the Statistical Physics of Soft Matter and Complex Systems group and with international experts in the field. Both open positions are fully funded via the project by the German research foundation.

Please send your application to

         Dr. Andreas Härtel
         +49-(0)761-203 97783

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